Have always had an affinity with – at first sight – two opposite worlds: computers and animals.

Though many people ask me nowadays why I decided to go programming after a six year long taking study in veterinary medicine, I am not regretting my choice, while they are less opposite than you think.

I really like puzzles. No matter what, I want to try to solve them. Especially when you need to use some creativity.

The most interesting part of my study, was the interaction of people with different goals. Like a client with his/her beloved animal wanting all the best versus a farmer also wanting the best, but in a different perspective.
These differences in perspective are also visible in other jobs. Everyone has its own goals in a project.
But the key value is communication. So explaining everything in the “language” the other person is speaking. Trying to do this clearly is a challenge itself.

So solving (big) problems and also can explaining them understandable to other people is my ultimate goal. And having fun in it. 🙂

On this site I will post varying things, such as small memo’s I think are valuable to use to experiences I have with concepts, frameworks, code styles…